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Gold Valuer / Appraisal

We are well experienced from last 20 yrs in this field, now a days we have well developed modern technology to work out our needs in this field to check out the metals as well as we have team with proper knowledge to work out in it...

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Gold Audit / Cross Valuer

In today's speedy changing days and mentality of people to cheat someone, we come across many types of frauds, to avoid the same and to make safe transactions, we have well equipped machinery and...

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Gold Appraisal Training

We provide training to the interested candidate in this field through modern technology, we provide the proper certified course for valuation of the ornaments, through the medium of training we train people for...

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We deal with gold, silver and other metals and we are in this field from last 40 yrs. We have a jewellery shop reknowned as "CHINTAMANI ALANKAR", at Saraf Bazar, Nasik. Through our firm, we are continuosly serving many reknown banks and financial organisation as gold valuer. As well as we are appointed as approved valuer on the panel of government through Government of India (Income Tax Department).


In today's compititive world, all the ordinary customer as well as banks, financial institutions or any other organisation should receive proper security in time, so we can provide the same services through planning under the name of "NASIK METAL TESTING & RESEARCH CENTRE". The details regarding the same are provided on the website.